Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Too-cute Desserts

Last weekend, Aaron and I attended a reception that his employer put on and while it was hardly veg-centric, there were some delicious bites available to us herbivores, including these tasty desserts-on-a-stick. We could choose from several varieties, including marshmallows dipped in dark chocolate and jimmies (the frontmost one), angel food cake dipped in icing (to the left of the marshmallow), cheesecake on a stick, brownie triangles, and frosted Rice Crispies treats.

Other culinary high points for us veg-heads included roasted asparagus and green beans as well as a delicious selection of bruschetta topped with mild fresh tomato salsa, tapenade, or a light artichoke salad. We particularly enjoyed a crunchy Chinese chicken salad available with or without chicken and served in Chinese take-out containers. To me, the broad selection of veg appetizers shows tremendous progress over the first company gathering we attended a few years ago, where the main event was the meat-carving stations with large slabs of roast beef, ham, and turkey.

I was surprised by the amount of hard liquor flowing from the open bar. I'm largely a tea-totaler who occasionally imbibes in a glass of beer or wine, but I don't think I've had hard liquor since before I was old enough to drink. What about you: what are your feelings about hard liquor?

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