Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Vegan Scoop transcends inferior hardware

I was truly excited when I received Wheeler del Torro's new book, The Vegan Scoop, because it gave me a great excuse to take my dusty old ice cream maker out for a spin. The book is a compendium of ice cream fantasies with flavors ranging from sweet curry fig to sweet potato basil.

For my first attempt, I decided on classic chocolate. I could have drunk the unfrozen base and called it a day. The flavor and creamy texture were that good.

I dutifully followed the instructions for my Cuisinart ice cream maker, but after 30 minutes, nothing had happened. The base wasn't freezing.

Determined not to waste the precious chocolate base, I put it back in the fridge, returned the bowl to the freezer and tried again two days later. No deal. Several days later, I repeated the charade, producing the same results.

I was ready to take full blame for the failure, until a friend started telling me about her recent experience making ice cream. Without knowing of my fiasco, she related to me having made two different bases, neither of which froze. Her machine? The same Cuisinart as mine! She ended up tossing both the bases as well as the machine.

In desperation, I poured the beautiful chocolate base into ice cube trays, froze them, then scooped out the glorious product. Even without a bona fide ice cream maker, The Vegan Scoop delivered the deepest, darkest, best textured chocolate ice cream I've had.

I contacted Cuisinart, but heard nothing. Until they explain where I might have gone wrong and why two of us had identical (bad) experiences, I can't recommend their ice cream maker. I heartily endorse The Vegan Scoop, however. It would make a great gift for your favorite ice cream lover -- vegan or not.

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