Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 9 - A Lapse

I succumbed. The afternoon had been a little hectic and my 21-day cleanse was feeling like more than I wanted to deal with. I'd gone eight days without consuming any caffeine, alcohol, animal products, sugar, or gluten. But I wanted a little chocolate. So I ate it. I didn't agonize over my decision, but I did promise myself I wouldn't pig out on it. Just two little chocolate truffles, which I thoroughly enjoyed. A hundred calories and it was over. No big deal.

I'm thinking of lapsing tomorrow, too. I'm going out for lunch and I want to enjoy myself, free from restrictions. I'm not rebelling. Actually, I'm learning a lot from the experience -- one of the biggest things being that sugar is completely unnecessary. You just can't make a case for it. It contains no nutrients, it rots your teeth, and it's a diabetic's nemesis.

What this means to my eating I'm not yet sure. I love sweets and don't want to eliminate them from my life, but how much is the right amount? At what point am I going overboard? The same with diet soda, which I also cut out. There's no reason to consume it. It's like smoking -- no benefit, all detriment. What's a girl to do? Stay tuned.

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