Thursday, July 2, 2009

Invasion of the crookneck squash

When we got our farm basket last Saturday, I neglected to mention that among its contents were 18 yellow crookneck squash. Perfectly shaped, not too big, and blemish-free, it would have been a crime not to use them all before they went bad. Last weekend, I pan-fried a few of them in a splash of olive oil with salt and pepper. Then last night, my dear, sweet husband made a stir-fry using eight or nine of them with some heartbreakingly beautiful green beans and chickenless strips from Trader Joe's.

Still, I had another half-dozen squash to go. By chance, Tracy over at the Strawberry Hedgehog just posted an interesting recipe for summer squash muffins. It caught my eye because, while most summer-squash baking assumes that you're using zucchini, Tracy had photographed her gorgeous muffins alongside a yellow crookneck.

With our road trip looming and the produce-freshness clock ticking, I knew this morning that it was now or never for the remaining squash, so I took out my box grater and got to work. The result is beautiful and delicious. The predominant flavor is five spice, a Chinese spice blend that tastes a lot like cinnamon, but with a little something extra.

How can you not love a muffin like this? It's moist, tasty, and easy to make. Be sure to visit Tracy's blog to pick up this terrific recipe!

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  1. Glad they worked out for you, they look fantastic! :c) Thanks for the link.